It is unfortunate our local elected officials have resorted to what some of their counterparts on the national level do by resorting to name calling and labeling by calling us bullies. Though we are ashamed of their behavior it is us who are truly embarrassed by having to air our grievances out to the public voters. All we have ever said is the truth regarding what occurred - which is the simple fact that the town signed an agreement with us after 8 months of back and forth negotiations only to have a case of "buyers remorse" after being instructed by an unscrupulous labor attorney who's sole purpose is to perpetuate his own agenda and fee collection on the backs of you - the taxpayer. We have not bullied or personally attacked anyone - all we have done is bring to light the injustice and horrible treatment we have received by those we work for and those you elect to hold those positions. The fact that we have brought their conduct to light has obviously embarrassed them for good reason, as they have resorted to attacking us by using inflated, untruthful, and sensationalized data. All of our claims are supported by documents, data, and readily verifiable information - The Board of Alderman's’ is NOT! Please read our official response (responses in RED) to the highly inflammatory and accusatory newsletter that went out recently, which again wasted your tax dollars. Please come to the Monday May 20th Board of Alderman Meeting at Town Hall to support us and let the elected official know how wrong and unfair they are being! Sincerely Boonton PBA 212